Morning training

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Morning training

Arguably the best time for swimmer to train, the body is rested, the mind is fresh, the air is clean, it’s a fresh start to a new day! Only those who train in the morning understand what it is that makes it such awesome time to train. Completing a tough swimming session in the early morning gives you the inspiration to handle the day’s activities with ease.

As a coach I have found that the interaction with swimmers is more focused in morning training session as compared to afternoon, there is less for the swimmer to worry about, especially at high school age. I have found over the past few years it is harder to get swimmers training at this wonderful time, pressures of life and parents seem to get in the way, laziness seems to becoming more prevelant. I have had parents say ” my child can’t train in the morning I can’t be up that early”, the swimmer becomes a victim of the lack of inspiration from the parent, and suffers the consequence.

From  a swimmers, parents, or  coaches perspective. What are your thoughts on training in the early morning ( starting between 5-6am) and how does it affect your day?