Coach Michael Abel

I have been involved with the sport of swimming in Australia since 1983, during that time I have coached a large number of athletes who have had success at age group level, national level and international.

Currently as  a head coach, I oversee the development of 65-70 athletes as they journey through their individual pathways of success in the sport they have chosen. I also keep myself highly qualified to meet the needs of the swimmers,  recently completing full time study with Griffith University in a Masters of Sports Coaching.

I identify myself as a relationship based coach,  and believe in the development of my athletes not only as swimmers but as people who can give back to the sport. The primary focus is taking swimmers at age group level and not forcing them to compete at a young age, then being involved with them on a journey of learning about what it takes to compete, so that success comes later and they still want to be in the sport after adolescence, into young adulthood.

I hope that you as a swimmer, parent, coach or whatever your involvement with the sport are able to gain something useful from this blog. And that it will further your swimming journey.


Michael Abel. M Sports Coaching